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Performing Arts Management

With over 30 years of experience working as directors, choreographers and dancers, we know first hand how much work goes into creating beautiful, quality performances.   It’s a detailed process to take an artistic vision and produce a quality performance.

Finding solutions to the challenges of producing a recital or any dance performance is our goal.  We want to be your partner as you organize and create inspiring performances!

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Abby Stewart

Abby Stewart has a Bachelor of Arts in Music, with her emphasis in Musical Theater.  She has been the director of multiple performance companies, as well as an Artistic Director.   She has danced and performed most of her life and loves choreographing.  She actively teaches and is a guest choreographer.


Kali Ashe

Kali Ashe has been a dancer and performer most of her life. She currently is an award winning choreographer and teacher, known for her creative, intricate and unique style of choreography. She owns her own studio in West Virginia.

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